Price to list ad

I'm listing an ad for $1999 and A-gon fee is $39.99!! Is that right? If it is, wow what a price increase.
Thanks jmcgrogan & everyone else for the input. Sounds like US Audio Mart and maybe AA are good alternatives. In the past I've used Agons flat fee pricing as it allows for more direct communication but my past sales were $1500 or less per item.But with higher priced items I wish to sell now the selling costs go up significally. And with flat fees you are out the money even if you don't sell. 
But I agree Agon has a larger pool of people seeing ads so I guess you pay for larger pool of potential customers.

@jmcgrogan2  "@trelja , Joe, you are moving to Vancouver?????
Good luck! I hope that all is well!"

Thank you for your concern and well wishes, John.

All IS well.  Always had the dream to retire when I was in my 40s, and looks like I hit that with almost 2 years to spare.  Will need to find something to keep myself busy, but getting up early, day after day after day after day for the daily grind looks like it won't be one of them.  Had a house in the Vancouver area the past several years, and spent a fair amount of time there, and just bought a second one.  It's a wonderful environment, extraordinarily safe, good and friendly people, beautiful scenery, MUCH cleaner than the Philadelphia region where you and I live (if you can believe that), incredible economic engine, and comfortable weather through the year.  Neighbors there like to joke the two things I won't need any more are snow shovels (or, snow blowers) and air conditioners.  Still keeping the house here and at the Jersey shore, but will make the Pacific Northwest the home base.  At least, for now...
@trelja , that sounds GREAT Joe!
I can relate to the getting up early day after day after day grind, yes, that does get old very quickly.
You are very fortunate to be able to get out of that rat race at such a young age. I'm envious!

And yes, I DO believe  that there are areas MUCH cleaner than Philadelphia!! Hahaha! I've seen them!
We are kind of trapped here due to our roots though. With grandchildren here now, I don't think my wife would ever consider moving!!
If I could, I've always loved the San Diego area, though a bit pricey, it's probably worth it!

Best wishes again, I'm sure that you will have a great time out there!
@trelja Congrats on your move Vancouver is gorgeous and cosmopolitan and great food. Philly is, well there is some great food. :p  Just teasing but seriously congrats on your move sounds great and enjoy your retirement sounds like you've really earned it! And so is a new reference Vancouver system on the way?
OK, as a follow-up, now I know why I thought the fees were 10% here.

One time I had asked about an item, and even made a relatively close offer, telling them I was a newbie to Audiogon, and the person wrote back saying the fees would be 10%, and so I should get a bit closer to the price they were asking.

So now I'm glad I didn't.  It apparently didn't end up selling, even though they said somebody else was buying it the next day when they got paid, unless I increased my offer right then.