Price to list ad

I'm listing an ad for $1999 and A-gon fee is $39.99!! Is that right? If it is, wow what a price increase.
@jmcgrogan2 has it spot on right. US AudioMart is a great alternative and gear does indeed sell.  It just takes a couple of weeks longer. The rates here on Agon are simply too high unless selling something not very expensive. I must have over 700 transactions here, but the continuous price increases have forced me elsewhere. Audio Circles is also a good place to sell.  
2% for worldwide exposure to the correct potential buyers, easy setup, multiple payment methods and full transaction support. I think it is a bargain, especially with higher priced gear. AA & AM are good, however if you want a fast sale AG is the place.
That's it, keep telling Audiogon what a bargain they are, watch that 2% increase. 

I do agree, If I need to dump gear FAST, Audiogon is the choice.
Fortunately, I'm not usually that desperate.

As for worldwide exposure, that may work for cables and cords, but really, how many are willing to ship speakers, amps, turntables, CDP's overseas? 

I've had buyers from Europe through US Audiomart, and I have bought cables through UK And Canuck AUdiomart.

I tried selling on Agon, and yes you have to pay to list for each listing period of time. No other site charges you to list. I did get a few responses on Agon but they were always tempered with low end offers and phrases like" I just don’t see why I should pay any more" because the average selling price of an item was researched. US Amart was a little easier to negotiate with people, Agon, not so much. EBay is also charging to list, which is relatively new, and it is steep! Sometimes it takes three months to sell something and eBay and Agon are going to cost you!!! my 2 sense. Side note: eBay has some crazy types that respond to ads but Agon and US Amart typically don't see that kind of traffic.
Thanks jmcgrogan & everyone else for the input. Sounds like US Audio Mart and maybe AA are good alternatives. In the past I've used Agons flat fee pricing as it allows for more direct communication but my past sales were $1500 or less per item.But with higher priced items I wish to sell now the selling costs go up significally. And with flat fees you are out the money even if you don't sell. 
But I agree Agon has a larger pool of people seeing ads so I guess you pay for larger pool of potential customers.