Price to list ad

I'm listing an ad for $1999 and A-gon fee is $39.99!! Is that right? If it is, wow what a price increase.
Well, I’ve been around here a long time. Not trading so much as of late, but since the beginning.
Prices to post ads here are pretty reasonable it seems to me. I mean there are no other sites that truly compare. Think about it, there are a very small number of people even interested in most high end audio. Audiogon draws that audience.
 I have used all the others mentioned above.
you could always try Craigslist 😉
I posted 4 for sale ads yesterday here on Audiogon.  All 4 items sold in less than 24 hours.  The fact that Audiogon has the largest amount of viewers is what enabled me to sell the items very quickly.  I happily paid my 2% fees per item.  Flea Bay not only charges 10%, but they also keep your money in escrow until the buyer receives the item.  I won't do business there.
It's all a matter of perspective. I've never posted a for sale ad on Ebay, I guess because of the pricing. I post fewer here now too, because of the pricing.
2% may not sound like much, but add the 3% PayPal fee, and shipping, and things start to add up quickly.

On the bright side, because of all these higher costs of doing "business" these days, I do a whole lot less buying and selling compared to a decade ago. All the associated fees have helped me curtail my spending.
So I guess it's better in the long run. ;^)
I don't trade equipment very often so therefore I don't sell much. I did however just have an item on both A'gon & US Audio Mart. I received inquiries and made the sale on A'gon. Never heard a thing from anyone on US Audio Mart. As much as you may not like the fees, A'gon seems to be the place to get it it done.