price of Oppo players threw the roof

Was over at Amazon the 203 was priced around $1100. Pure greed.
I gave up. I got screwed by best buy, having prepaid for one, waited for about three months, only to be informed last week that they can't get any more. I'm totally bummed, because they kept me on the hook thinking I would be purchasing one from them, and wasted valuable time instead of getting on the Oppo digital website where I would have had a better chance. Thanks Best Buy.
@ jonasandezekiel
I would still try to get one from Oppo if I were you. Nobody knows how many they're making, or if somebody that signed up, doesn't take one.

I am still waiting and received a confirmation E-mail in early May. There are a few allotments still coming.
Yes, definitly get your name on that list.  I signed-up in late April and received my offer to purchase at the end of June as promised.  It was a long two months, but well worth the wait.

This is my third Oppo, and the unboxing experience alone is unlike any other component I have owned.  They really know how to package and present.  I will miss that.  

For those of you still waiting, set some time aside when you receive yours and enjoy the experience.
Just a quick update...  I put my name on the list for an Oppo UDP-205 back in late May and just received my offer today.  I immediately made the purchase and just received the tracking information about an hour ago.  What a great way to begin this holiday weekend!  After all I've read and heard, I'm confident that it will have been worth the three months that I've waited.  If you've had your name on the list for a few months and are still waiting, then just remain patient.