Price of Audience aR6-TSS Power Conditioer

I wonder what is the net price of a brand new Audience aR6-TSS Power Conditioner in U.S. retail market (With standard Audience PC not AU24 SE version)?

Also how long does it take to break-in this equipment? Will it has big difference of a brand new unit and after running let say 100 hours?
You could look at the cable company, they carry new audience products.
How many power conditioner threads do you need??
Its a 400 hr break in then it opens up with better dynamics,better bass, and stage .
Its a 400 hr break in then it opens up with better dynamics,better bass, and stage .So when are you getting one??
You can get Audience to put in 20 Amp breaker just pay shipping then unit will be 2400 watts i have both my units 20 Amps .
Finally I bought Audience aR6-TSS today! Originally I've other targets like Equitech 3RQE and Torus RM-16, all these three products are very good, but my home are very small, not much space for Equitech and Torus. Also I need to consider the weight, these transformers are so heavy to move from one place to another place. AR6-TSS is very small , easy to put it anywhere in my home. I'm using a Japanese isolation transformer CSE TX-1200 before I got this Audience product, the sound of AR6-TSS are very much difference with isolation transformer, the mid and bass are not as heavy as my isolation transformer, but still very rich. Also it sound extremely transparency, clean, details and more musical than Equitech and Torus (Only my personal feeling). Now I plug all my stereo equipments in it like CDP, Master Clock, Pre-amp, a pair of Mono-block power-amp and a media player. I'm still experience it, see how much difference after I use it in 400 hours later.

PS: Just want to ask is it very big difference in sound quality after full break in this product?