Price look up "Original retail price" not correct.

When my McIntosh MA6500 Interated Amp was bought in Nov 2009 it retailed for $4000. I think it started with a retail price of $3k..then was $3500..and then $4k.

I posted a question here a couple of days ago but still hasnt appeared?
According to a used price reference, it shows the year 1999 with the price of $3,500.
McIntosh keeps their gear current for long production runs. When companies do that, they sometimes have to raise the price to keep up with current expenses.
Oh Ive made a mistake & dont know how to edit...The retail was $4K in Nov 2006 ..not 2009 : ( sorry.

Thank you Bill & Z : )

Yes, introduced in 1999 with original retail of $3100.
i purchased beyerdynamic T70 cans for $250 new, now they're $375...425
Bill used price reference is $3500..
If the Amp is unused still new in box, any value on top of that ?
Thank you : )
A never used amp 10 years old should be worth much less.
Whether it is or not is another question.