price in the USA for ARC

Only like to know the price in the HIFI shop in the USA
for eq the ARC REF 10 .
In the Netherlands you have to pay in the shop € 33.000 ,
that price is all included , shipping to the importer , import tax , VAT , and the earnings for the HIFI shop.
To remind € 33000 = $ 36482 .I know it is not possible to buy ARC gear in the USA , we do have the 230V versions ,
and I have no intentions to buy in the USA , we always have to pay importtax and VAT.

I believe the MSRP for the Ref 10 is $30,000 US. I know the MSRP for the Ref 5se and Ref Phono 2se are $!3,000 US. If you have a good relationship with your dealer he may give you a bit of a discount. I Would imagine the shipping to the Netherlands is quite a bit.
Imports to the US do not pay VAT. I source my offshore product via Scotland and never need to pay VAT.
If we speak of $6,000 savings, you can jump on plane get the unit and come back home still with 'profit'.