Price for the new Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speaker

I know it is still in TBA status but do any of you have an official hint about it?

"Why is this important" you may ask.

Sasha 1 is still a great speaker for many. A reference and a speaker for a lifetime. Again for not all but many.

So if the Sasha 2 is going to have a price around 28K like Sasha 1, then it is ok to wait and see and hear what is special about Sasha 2. If it really puts something over Sasha 1 in general sense.

But if the new Sasha 2 is expected to be priced around 35K then it is a very good time to buy a new Sasha 1 with a special discount (due to a new model on the horizon) without waiting for the Sasha 2 and keeping around 10K in our pockets and still having a great brand new speaker.

Let's hear it folks.
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There's another train there always is maybe the next one is yours get up and climb on board.

Those are song lyrics but I feel they apply to your question.

There is ALWAYS another train as long as we are alive. If you are always seeking something better you will die in the station while you await the next train my friend.

Thanks for the wise and true advise.

Still, this is a very basic financial decision about spending as low as possible and getting as much as possible. It is not about always trying to get the new model. In fact it is opposite of that. I am willing to buy the discontinued model as long as I know that the new model will be more expensive. I don't care if I buy Sasha 1 or 2. I already love the Sasha 1, they are my reference. I owned one 3 years ago and sold them because of a impulse upgrade decision that I regret.