Previous Wavelength Cosecant/Cosine Owners

Those of you who have owned a Cosecant or Cosine with the Transcendental module -- what did you upgrade to, and what did you get out the change? What do you miss?
That's interesting. The Paradisea and the Transcendental module are engineered with the same philosophy, so if you found the former more natural, you may have had the 24/96 Numerator (that's what he ships them with stock... the 16/44 Transcendental is the same price, but you have to ask for it). Earlier this year, I got a Cosine w/volume control (which shares the Cosecant analog section) for far less than I think I should have, and matched it with a Firestone Bravo DSP stack and Acoustic Zen MC^2 cable to make a NOS USB converter of my own. It's spendier than a Paradisea, but lets me cut out the preamp, which for this system (Joule/Merlin) is itself several times the cost of the source components.

I ask because it's good. Really good. Good enough that I'm concerned that switching it out for anything would be a sidegrade rather than a strict upgrade. I spent so little on it that I can't help but think I'm crazy to think this, but I'm listening to it on the audio equivalent of a scanning electron microscope. There's nowhere for it to hide.

Seems we had similar reactions to filterless digital.
Not sure if I had the transcendental module in mine or not but I had the cosecant V3 and I decided to try out the MHDT Paradisea + DAC which I bought direct for something like 600. Well to my surprise at 1/5th the price of the Cosecant I liked the Paradisea better it just sounded more open and natural to me. I spent a good deal of time comparing them since it seemed nuts that something so much less expensive could sound better but it did at least for me. I read an online review I think on positive feedback .com and they reviewed the big brother to the Paradisea, the Havana and compared directly to the Cosecant and liked the Havana better so I guess I wasn't crazy. I bought a Havana too and thought it was marginally better than the Paradisea. I sold the Havana and still have my original Paradisea. If I miss one thing about the Cosecant is the very cool styling and looks of it. It's like a piece of handcrafted artwork on your stereo rack. I paid full retail for my Cosecant and only lost a few bucks after owning it for over a year, I like that too, great resale. I would not hesitate to try other Wavelength products, they are a cool company.