Previous Wavelength Cosecant/Cosine Owners

Those of you who have owned a Cosecant or Cosine with the Transcendental module -- what did you upgrade to, and what did you get out the change? What do you miss?

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That's interesting. The Paradisea and the Transcendental module are engineered with the same philosophy, so if you found the former more natural, you may have had the 24/96 Numerator (that's what he ships them with stock... the 16/44 Transcendental is the same price, but you have to ask for it). Earlier this year, I got a Cosine w/volume control (which shares the Cosecant analog section) for far less than I think I should have, and matched it with a Firestone Bravo DSP stack and Acoustic Zen MC^2 cable to make a NOS USB converter of my own. It's spendier than a Paradisea, but lets me cut out the preamp, which for this system (Joule/Merlin) is itself several times the cost of the source components.

I ask because it's good. Really good. Good enough that I'm concerned that switching it out for anything would be a sidegrade rather than a strict upgrade. I spent so little on it that I can't help but think I'm crazy to think this, but I'm listening to it on the audio equivalent of a scanning electron microscope. There's nowhere for it to hide.

Seems we had similar reactions to filterless digital.