Previous ref 3 owners, what's in your system now

Simply what replaced the audio research ref 3?
The place of ARC Ref 3 in my system has been taken by a Jeff Rowland Criterion linestage. Guido
The ARC Ref 5.
I think you will find there are a great many Ref 3 owners out there that are delighted with their pre and have little or no interest in making a change. I, for one, am going to stick with mine despite the reports about the Ref 5 or other potentially better pres reported by other AGON members. I don't doubt their sincerity, I'm just very happy with what I have and will enjoy my system and the music every time I turn it on.
Hi Zargon.

One of my favorite systems I have heard down at my local Hifi dealer is the 5a with all Audio Research gear feeding them.


The Vandy 5A and all ARC combination has magic indeed. High definition tube amps mate very will with the glorious mid range of these speakers. I was very lucky to discover this in audio shows some years ago. As a result, I have not been on the equipment marry-go-round seeking the holy grail that so many in these forums report having to do.

Relaxing and listening...
What is the "5a"?
Vandersteen 5a ( speaker )

About the only other thing I have found to float my boat besides Martin Logans.
Kclone. It is a high end speaker made by Vandersteen Audio.
Yeah, I knew that, but when the first post from No_Money appeared, it did not say Vandersteen, it just said 5a. How is one to know that out of all the multitude of audio and speaker manufactures out there they were talking about the Vandersteen?
I guess it all depends on what you have been exposed to. Those of us that dialog about this speaker have just shortend the name. Its kind of like referring to a "747" (Boeing) or a "350" (Chevy) or "911" (Date). I can be troublesome as you point out. Just ask as no one will mind.
Yeah no big deal. Thanks. Okay now back on topic.