Prevent stylus wear?

Has anyone seen this item to prevent unwanted stylus wear?
Hmmm, first thread, submitted first day registered, is a link to an advertising clip for an item that's been around in one form or another for 30 years or more. Where are the monitors when you need them???? V bad form, 68kimanne, and since its almost undoubtedly viral advertising, prohibited under Forum rules.
I agree swampwalker, there was also another thread from same entity I believe about a tonearm lift. I am not sure why these make it through.
Yeah, I tried that stuff and it sucked big time! It actually melted the stylus on my $3K cartridge! Can you believe it?!?

That's how you handle these shills. :-)
Actually the link IS ti a tonearm lift!!!
I purchase an Audiotechnica Safety Raiser from Joseph at analoghaven and I absoluetly love this thing! I'm amazed that something so diminutive will actually do so much. This is the best upgrade I have ever made for my turntable. Joseph at analoghaven very very attentive to my purchase and shipped the item w/lightspeed shipping.
You can't go wrong with the AT Safety Raiser!
The video played some inane thing I cant be bothered to watch.

I have an ATH safety raizer and its quite nice. It was a little fiddly to set up, but since I got it dialed in it works well.
I have had the AT safety raiser mounted on my LP12 for 25 years and couldnt live without it. More important to your pickup and relaxed listening, than safety belts in your car. I dont mind falling asleep to good music and often have to leave the room in a hurry and dont have to think about turning off my TT. Just bought my second from Analoghaven to be mounted on my second player,and I know I can trust it for the next decades (playing vinyl). Excellent product, and well delivered. At a price, but worth every penny, for protection of your precious PUs.
Ampreometric and Pio- Be gone please, not Audiogon, just gon...
You too Nikongod- sorry I missed you in my last post...
This would be very insulting if it weren't so laughable. We are supposed to be so stupid we can't tell that the same person registered under 4 different names. C'mon, at least do it on separate days or something.

I would alert the moderators but that would probably just piss off the new A'gon rulers who are probably close friends with this yutz.
Dont play records HO HO!!
No Dan, you are laughable !
Look at the feedback
Feedback from you and your imaginary friends doesn't count. :-)
I have used the AT lifts for years. They are an essential on top end table! The one I purchased from Analogheaven was brand new and works perfectly! No affiliation.
I can recommend the AT-lift, it works perfect, and is probably the best "auto-lifter" ever made.
Not cheap, but I rather pay the price for a new, than a over-the-top-price on fleabay for a secon-hand unit...
After all, (premature) retipping a good pickup is more.
WOW! And a hearty welcome to 5 new comers in this thread. :-)
I'm peeing my pants waiting to hear what Cobra3, 4, 5 and 6 think...

Can I get an end of wizzing lift? Useful at my age.
Doug, I think that with some modifications and tweaks the lift could be suitable for your purposes. Maybe it could even be sound activated? Could a magic eraser application be advisable in that case?
Maineiac, I'm in with modifications and tweaks, gotta love adjusting Vertical Tracking Angle. Sound activated? Okay if you can do it, but I'm happy if it can be activated at all. Magic eraser sounds too scratchy for me, you're tough!
Doug, hope you get that adult incontinence problem taken care of.
Maybe depends would work.
Thanks, I tried, but they don't make them for my spindle to pivot dimension.