Pressing eject instead of stop damaging dvd player

Is there any chance that pressing eject (instead of stop) while the dvd player is operating will damage it? I have not had any problems so far but someone told me it could damage the machine.

My guess is that most DVD (and CD) players have logic built in that 1)Stop the DVD 2) Eject the tray when the Eject button is pushed. If there was any kind of risk doing that it would be on a DVD player like my $60.00 Toshiba Wal-Mart Special, not on say a hi-end $2K player. But all the above is speculation on my part.
It would be an insanely poor engineering design. If you allow a button to be pressed while the disk is playing you should assume it will be pressed and design accordingly.

Both stop and eject are electronic, probably connected to the same controlling CPU, not mechanical buttons, so it would be utterly unbelievable that the eject would not first stop the disc then eject it.
I always push stop since I bought a good CD player.I never used to. Also DVD playes are logic controlled and probably stop then eject. Some CD players I have seen will open the tray and you can hear or even see the disc spin to a stop-not good.

The way most transports function is by dropping the laser mechanism before unloading the disc from the transport. Because of that design, there shouldn't be any problems hitting eject instead of stop.