Press release Musical Fidelity 308

I'm still trying to get Euro news on the A3.2cr. Maybe post at What

Musical Fidelity's new A308 range

8 July 2002

Musical Fidelity is claiming its new A308CR preamplifier and power amp can compete with products at five or ten times their price.

Both products are built around the choke regulated dual mono power supplies some in some recent high end Musical Fidelity products, and draw on those same products for their circuit layout and design philosophy. The £1500 dual mono preamp's design brief took in a high quality moving coil/moving magnet phono stage, low distortion and huge overload margins, low noise and low output impedance.

The brief for the £2399 power amp was similarly direct: it needed to have very low distortion from 10Hz to 100kHz, huge dynamic ability, immunity from mains interference, stability, and ample power. The result is a dual mono design delivering 250W per channel, with twin sets of inputs controlled by a switch on the fascia. The power amp can thus be connected to both a two-channel preamp and an AV processor, offering easy switching between the two for an uncompromised system for both films and music.

The A308 range, slated for a July 2002 release, is completed by a CD player using Musical Fidelity's now-familiar upsampling technology, and a £2000 150W/ch integrated amplifier.

Ack! The first thing that makes me run for the hills when listening to a description of any piece of audio gear is "it will blow the pants off of equipment 10 times its price". This is like saying "better than the leading national brand" or "according to leading researchers, this is the best unit around" - unreferenceable claims that have no real legitimacy. Personally, unless the ad identifies exactly which piece(s) of equipment at 10x its price its better than (so we can make our own comparisons), all I hear is silly adspeak and give it little credence. The next step is a 30 minute late night infomercial, right after the Bose ads and before the weight loss pills ;-).

Independent of all this, isn't it against the rules to post advertisements in the A'gon forums?
I agree with the above, what would you expect them to say, "it is only equal to all the others in this price range"........not....Bob
Only trying to be helpful. There has been interest in new Musical Fidelity amps. I can't get any info from England on the A3.2cr and this was the closest I could find.