Pres that go with Mcintosh amps

Other than the obvious choice of using Mcintosh Pres with Mcintosh amps........ is there any magical matings that anyone has found. I had an Audio Research pre with a Mac amp and it was too laid back, the Mac pre I later installed did push the music forward (forward pre, laid back amp)synergy........... I guess I'm asking which preamps are forward sounding? I'm about to get my hands on MC352 and at the moment can't buy a highend Mcintosh pre to match it. thanks for your input.
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I had excellent results with the ARC LS25, if its solid state your after try a Conrad Johnson 18LS. My MC402 matched very well with both these preamps.
Skip the pre and buy yourself an audio Aero Capitole Cd player. I use mine with the MC2102. I run my DVd player, Satellite and the newest version has an analog passthru for your tuner. You would only need a pre if you still use vinyl.
I hear you Unclejeff but I do listen to vinyl and cds so I gotta get a pre.......... I did try cdp going right into the power amp......... it was a clean beautiful sound but the amp was too laid back for me............ but that was a MC122, not as cool as a 352. Any way. thanks. and I'll look at that cd player you mentioned.
Hey Les! So you've decided to get the 352 - that's great. My opinion is that when it comes to forward vs. laidback, the main impact will come from the speakers. I have two systems in my room now and I can switch between them on the fly using the C42 and all I can say is that WOW! The difference between the presentation styles is amazing. I use a CJ MV55 on Triangles and my MC7200 on JM Labs and the two couldn't be more different. However, when I swap amps, the change isn't significant which means the speakers make the difference. If you want really forward, you have to pick the right speakers IMO. Preamps can help but not as much.

Anyway, it is hard to say which pres are forward and which are laid back since it all works as a system. I have had 9 preamps so far in my current room/system and the most forward has been a BAT VK-3i. But the most natural sounding of them all is my C42.

I agree with Aball. The speakers you use will have a great impact on the final sound. That said, i was very happy using a Supratek Chardonnay tube pre with my 352 running into TDL Reference Studio Monitors.
At the moment I'm stuck with Thiel 1.5s.........and I'm up in the air still.........I could take the MA6500 or the MC352 and wait and save for a good pre. I left a down payment so one of them is coming home with me? If I take home the Mc352 I should be satisfied for a long time......... it's balanced and powerful. Could curb my upgrade symptoms as far as power amps go.