Preramp for Adcom GFA 565's

Hi out there!

Any suggestons on a good preamp to mate with Adcom GFA565's?

I have a nice used Adcom GFP565 preamp I can sell you.I have not put an ad out for it yet but will soon. It is in very good condition and I have the original box and manual. It was a Stereophile reccomended component when I bought it new. Let me know and I'll give you a good price, probably less than $300 and you pay shipping from Indiana. It was about $900 new. Thanks
That's the combo I had about 17 years ago, running into Martin Logan Aerius speakers. It was pretty good. If you are looking for another option and products based on the same time frame, you could also consider a Melos preamp (SHA 1 or Gold). These are really nice preamps for the price you can get them for and make wonderful headphone amps to boot. I think the Adcom/Adcom combo can get a little bit brite (depending on your speakers). But overall, I think that (Noble100s) approach is worth trying for you.

Ckoffend makes a good point in suggesting that the Adcom GFP565 preamp and Adcom GFA565 monoblocks combo may be a bit bright, especially with a digital source.
That was my experience when I used the Adcom preamp with an Aragon 4004 solid atate amp. I solved this issue by switching to a tubed preamp (VTL 2.5). So, the Melos preamp that Ckoffend reccomended or a tubed preamp may be a better solution for you, depending on your sound preferences.

However, my offer still stands (atleast for a week or 2) in case you decide to give the Adcom a try. Good luck in your search.
The VTL is a good recommendation. Other tube preamps that you should be able to get for a good price (and with good reputations for performance) that you might also consider would be any of the following:
ARC (Audio Research) LS7 (and others I am sure, but I once owned the LS7 and as a result I know that would work well).
Golden Tube audio SEP 1 (I think that's the model number. I never owned one, but did own a couple of their amps SE-40s running in mono. Good equipment).
Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2, or 3 (depending on budget)
Thank you for the good suggestions.

This is hard - I keep thinking of reasonas to not pull the trigger on the amps.

Am I nuts for wanting to move to the Adcoms from a new Krell S300i? I would be picking up another 150wpc into 4 ohms, and a lower noise floor.

What speakers will you be using? I think the Adcom monoblocks would drive almost any speakers easily enough but they may be overkill for some. Thanks

I want to power Maggie 1.7's. Some of what led me to the Adcom's was that they are supposed to be good in the bass and I thought that might help the Maggies. I also feel that the Krell is a little bit...uninvolving. Want a weightier "richer" sound.


The Adcom monoblocks would supply the power that the 1.7's likely require, if they are anything like other Magnepans. My concern is the same as some of the other posters on this post and your other posts: the sound may be too sterile and neutral for your tastes.

A tubed preamp. with the exception of a few newer models, would help add some texture and dimension to the sound. But I would definitely try out the Adcoms prior to purchase if at all possible. You may also want to look at some high powered used amps like McCormack and Classe. Good luck on your search and let us know what you wind up with. Thanks
Hi Noble100,

Thank you for your comments. Being able to hear it before you buy seems to be the rub.

I am also considering the Wyred4Sound mono blocks and I see that on Audiogon there is a pair of Cary 500 MB monoblocks that are supposed to be pretty good as well.

I have heard good things about the PrimaLuna Prologue 3 preamp. Do you know anything about those?

Thanks again,


I have also heard good things about both Wred4Sound and the Cary 500 MB amps but have never heard either of them. The Wyred4Sound also have an in home demo period so you could return them if you don't like them.
Sorry, don't know much about the Prima Luna 3 preamp except that it's tubed and may be a good match with any of the amps you're considering. Just make sure the output impedance of the preamp is about 1/10th the input impedance of the amp you choose.
Sounds like you\re widening your search which is probably a good thing but it does make it harder to make a decision. Good luck.

Well, I did it.

Ordered Wyred4Sound SX1000 and STP SE preamp. Should arrive this week.

Hope I did not make a mistake!

Hi Dsper,

Looks like you made a good choice going with the Wyred4Sound amp and special-edition preamp. From what I've read, the amp may sound a little thin right out of the box and can take about 300 hours to fully break in.

If after break in you find you want a warmer more textured sound, you could always try substituting a tubed preamp and return the Wyred4Sound preamp. The amp should supply plenty of power, over 1100 watts per channel @ 4 ohms, to drive your Magnepan 1.7 speakers. You've got me curious about how this amp would sound driving my power hungry Magnepan 2.7 spkrs.

Please post again, after you get them set up and the amp has broken in, to let us know the results. Thanks and good luck.
Hi Noble100,

Supposed to deliver today so I will keep you posted.

I heard a big difference when I went to the Krell from a Mac amp. Much more dynamic and cleaner sounding for the Maggie 1.7's to my ear.

I suppose that a lot of what I heard was the doubling in wpc to 300 from 160. I cannot imagine what it is going to sound like going to 1100 from 300.

I am hoping for more detail and better soudstage and not just "louder".
Hi Dsper,

I also noticed a large improvement when I went from an Adcom GFA555 with 200 watts to an Aragon 4004 MKII with 400 watts. The sound was better and cleaner from top to bottom.
But, as you know, wattage is only part of the answer with quality being the other key ingredient. I think the improvement I experienced was a change in the sound quality more than just the increased wattage. By quality I'm not only referring to the quality of the parts in the amp but also the inherent sound characteristics of the amp/brand. I hope you experience both an increase in wattage and change in sound quality that matches your taste. Good luck.
Hi Noble100,

My two boxes of Wyred4Sound arrived two days ago and last night I finally got to open both boxes and set up the Wyred4Sound components. Well packaged in double boxes with no UPS shipping damage.

Everything works and the only hot flash of "what is wrong?" occurred when I started the CD player and no sound came out of the speakers (the volume was turned to zero!).

My initial impressions are compared to the KrellS300i integrated amp with 300 wpc/4 ohms and about 300 hours on it.

Generally speaking, to my ear, the Wyred4Sound and the Krell have a similar overall sound. The difference is not as dramatic as when I upgraded to the Krell from a McIntosh MA6300 integrated at 160wpc/4ohm. The change there was very dramatic as the Mac was definitely warmer sounding but with a lot less dynamics than the Krell.

Right out of the box, I can hear more detail with the Wyred4Sound. For example, individual instruments are easier to hear in a mix. Also, it is easier to recognize individual voices in a multipart vocal harmony.

The soundstage is improved. It is wider and better front to back. I often felt while listening to the Krell that the lead vocal and the drums were coming from the same place. With the Wyred4Sound, there is now a separation with vocals in the front and drums in the back.

I am not sure what I am hearing regarding the bass. It seems to be fuller, but with perhaps bit less slam. Krell is noted for their bass so this may take some time to determine if there is an improvement.

The edges of the treble with the new Wyrd4Sound are a bit sharp and initially it is not as musical as the Krell. I hope (expect!) these to improve with time.

The W4S owner manuals advise that there will be a major improvement after about 100 hours of operation and another level of improvement at about 200 hours of operation.

ALSO, the manuals make a point to advise strongly that the power should be disconnected before anything is plugged into or out of the amp and pre amp.

Will follow up in a few months, but my initial thought is that I have made a positive change but I wonder about the bass.