Preparing Litz Seaker Wire AKA Cobra SHF SP Cord

I have over 50' of Litz "Cobra" cable and not sure how to prepare it for speaker hookup. It is a intwinde cable copper and green strands and the green appears to be coated copper wire or else it would short out if it wasn't coated? Putting a meter on the copper end to the other copper end good reading. Meter from the green end to the other end and poor reading. I assume I have to get the green coating off? Any suggestions or am I missing something simple? Thank you
You need a solder pot to terminate that kind of wire. The heavier green coated wire is for lo frequ, the fuzzy copper is for hi frequ. The copper wire spirals around the green and so is physically longer than the green so that the faster highs and slower lows reach the other end at the same time ;-)

The two kinds of wire can only make contact at the ends of the cable. Dunking the tip of the wire into a solder pot burns away the epoxy coating and tins the wire all at once. Soldering irons aren't hot enough. Scraping is an exercise in futility ;-)
Great information thank you very much I will have to find a solder pot !
So then you would use two seperate runs per speaker in biwire configuration lows green highs copper putting the two together at the amp end? Can it be used for single fullrange drivers(Fostex)? Still two seperate runs or Positive green one Negative the copper? Thank you
John, this wire wasn't meant to be split into bass and mid/hi runs. It wouldn't have enough meat, plus the two sizes are meant to work together regardless of the band of frequences it's replroducing -- the object being timing accuracy across that band whatever you choose.
I'm sorry so do I use two runs per speaker one for negative and one positive putting the green and copper together at each end of each run? Thank you
hit me up when your ready to throw in the towel
John. that's correct.