Premium guitar cables? Do they exist?

Guitar cables. Does anybody make a premium cable? Monster seems to be the "best" out there that my musician friends seem to know about. Does anyone have any experience with any? Is it worth spending the money?

thank you!
Marko in Canada
You should check out the Analysis Plus guitar cables. Caveat, I am a dealer.
Many pro musicians use them. Many amp makers use them for hookup wire.
Several years ago I wrote a review for Just Jazz Guitar comparing several cables. I think that the best value for the money is the Klotz LaGrange available at or among others. Those are about 9.5 out of 10. For a little less money the George L's are a 7 or 8 out of 10. The Monster is only a 7 or 8 and cost as much or more than the Klotz, depending on the model you select. Klotz is a great German company. Their mic cables are also excellent.

I'm intrigued by Analysis Plus instrument cable, since I love their speaker cables, but I haven't sprung for a set to try them out. I'd update the cable comparison, but it was a royal pain in the butt to do. BTW, the $400+ JPS Labs cable was the worst in the bunch, worse than the bottom-of-the-closet generic (which wasn't very good).

Get a 20' Klotz and you'll be set for life. If you use Legato or Hale, tell them Dave Stephens sent you. (I don't get a kickback, but it's nice to stay in their good graces). They also carry nothing but the best guitars and equipment.

I have the AP cable. It is good but a PITA... the plastic jacket is very stiff.
Marko, I see you're in Canada, I think that Murch Music carries the Klotz. Ken Murch is who you should talk to. He's great to deal with.

Mit also makes them or at least they used to. Not megabucks. I believe
under a $100.
JPS Labs also makes an very good guitar cable in their SuperConductor Q series of cables.
I've ordered some River cables to check out as I love their speaker cables. Best "cheap" cable is the premade George L's. My boss is a major league guitar guy and he uses canare cable on everything in his rig right down to the tuner feed. Stubborn SOB refuses to go balanced, which I believe is the way to go if the cable needs to be longer than 10 feet. Radial out in Vancouver makes a really cool guitar rig converter to do this.
Interesting thought about balanced cables out beyond 20'. I've never had a problem with 20' cables, but now that you mention it, that's a little surprising. It could be that all my guitars are really top end, with good shielding and proper installation of electronics.

Tell me, did you convert your amps also? That seems like a lot of work unless you were having problems. Lots of guitar amps have POS inputs, but the good ones don't give me issues. I think I'm with your boss, I wouldn't do it unless I had a problem that couldn't otherwise be solved.

The bass player in one band has constant noise problems with his Galen Kruger amp. Maybe I should suggest that he go balanced. (He won't take my suggestion and buy a good amp!!!)

About the George L's, they have two 1/4" plugs, so be sure to get the big one. The small one can be a little loose in some guitars. The big one isn't too tight in any guitar that I've tried. I agree, the G L's are a bargain, but they're a step or two down from the very best cables.

check out Gary Mulder`s website....he usd to work for Ayre.

happy listening and playing
Hey DC, I've never seen the point in converting an amp. Also wouldn't want to mod any of the vintage stuff. If the Galien is an 800RB it's actually a really cool amp. There was a common mod for the DI section that "magically" cleaned up the whole amp. 400's were just generally pretty bad.
The issue is less with the guitar than the combined length of the unbalanced cable run. 20' to pedals, 6' in pedal land, and an A/B/C amp switch that adds 3 runs back to the heads for another 80' if he has all three going.
I think I want to hear a Klotz, where's Murch?
Mogami / Switchcraft always sounded the best to me, but the quad style is amazing at addressing the length problem.
I always swore by switchcraft connectors. Now, I don't mean in the same way that Wolfgarcia would curse at malfunctioning guitar cable while on stage!! I could imagine some well known of here cable companies could see fit offering one for a few $0000+.... Diy would be a good route. Any members have any experience in a higher echelon of guitar cabling???
When I talk to the pro guys in various music shops when I'm looking for preamp or power tubes a lot of them have sworn by Mogami based cables and DiMarzio guitar cables.
If you can find a retailer that sells Van den Hul cable in bulk they have a huge selection of cables you can use that will have superior performance to standard cables and they are on-the-road tough

They make cables that can handle harsh chemical environments.

However - (there had to be one) - $$$

Furutech also make great cable - even more $$$
Taralabs use to make an out standing guitar cable, I do not know if they still do, I am sure they will make one for any one!
Evidence Audio. Good cable from guitar to amp makes a huge difference.
@ Jedinite24, Hi, Talking about the pro shops, I am a musician, the reason they told you about the mogami and Dimarzio cables is because thats all they know, High end cable brands really do not clientele to the pro music shops, so they do not know about them, are alot of high-end cable brands better for their guitar amps than the two you listed here?, of course!, by a whole lot! cheers.
Hey Audiolabyrinth. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be more skeptical now when talking to the pros. How about the cables from Audiopile dot com? They look to be really good quality that won't break your bank. Also I've used Kopul mic cables whenever I've needed long XLR runs.