Premier Record Cleaner, How to use

I regularly haunt the thrift shops for LPs and I am too lazy to do my usual 4 part Walker cleaning on all of them. I would like to do a quick cleaning to see if they are worth the full treatment. Would cleaning with Microcare Contact cleaner or Premier work and how do you apply it? Thanks, Don
Premier, no. I don't know about the Microcare. Premier is used to get mold release agents off of new vinyl and does little or nothing for all of the other crud you find on used records. It should always be followed by a good lp cleaner and a rinse.

If you really want to cut down on the cleaners get yourself a cheapy steamer. Steam the LP, followed by a good cleaner, vacuum, apply a good rinse, then vacuum again. That is the process I follow. It is amazing how much difference steam cleaning makes.
While I don't use Premier, I'm a bit confused about your statement. Seems to me if it removed the mold release, it would remove just about everything else. Can you explain?
It doesn't remove mold release. It breaks the bond with the lp so it can be cleaned off.
It's marketed as a cleaner so I am not sure why you say it's not a cleaner?? and MICRO CARE is the company I think makes the PREMIER. it's called MICRO CARE - PREMIER LP CLEANER
This below is what he is asking about.
Ok, I didn't recognize the company. I just know it by Premier and I keep a can of it myself. That stuff contains highly volatile (that means it evaporates really fast) chemicals so the crud is still left behind on the lp. I prefer to follow the application of Premier on a new LP with a good cleaner, AIVS in my case. Then I vacuum all of that up and follow with a rinse. Others are certainly free to clean their LPs however they want.
Hi, it's pretty easy to use. I put the LP on my VPI 16.5, start the LP rotating, spray some on the record, and then use a carbon fibre or LAST brush to work it around. In about 3 rev's, it's evaporated.

I spray enough to coat the record and brush enough to spread it around the whole record. 2 or 3 records and you'll figure out the right amount.

It's quick and simple.
Thanks to all for your replies. Don
I strongly agree with the steaming and cleaning regime. I also have picked up many thrift deals that i use the steamer/cleaner wash to bring them to life. I have not used the walker regime yet but i have been pleased with the results I get. there is an old thread (closed) that highlights steaming techniques
I use the Premier on my used purchases when I'm too lazy to use the Audio Intelligent 3-step process and it's much better that the VPI fluid or Miracle Doctor. Rinsing after Premier with distilled water makes it even better.