premier headphone amps

Hi Goners!

Would like some choices to check out from those that have spent time with headphones as a primary listening source or, at least, as an often used one...:)

Solid State or tubes but my collection of headphones at present are all single ended not balanced...

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Best amp will vary w (primarily) impedance and taste but on the tube side I have used and liked Audiovalve RKV, Glow One, Cary 300b and Berning Micro-zotl. Benchmark DAC-1 for SS.
Berning Micro ZOTL.
Here are some choices
Also some nice amps from meier audio and Luxman
Lots of good amps out there right now. Lots of info on and
I have been delighted so far with the Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-02 featuring 2 WE 408A tubes
Checkout know no better place for advice and products