Premier 16LS & ET5

How would the 10 year old Premier LS16S2 compare with modern ET5 ? Tks !

Luxman L-505ux, Merlin TSM-MMM, Gyrodec with SME IV.V and Clearaudio da vinci v2
Hi Richard,

Nice choices! I think Microstrip and Turntable would be well suited to
answer. As someone who has owned 3 CJ preamps going back nearly 15
years consecutively incl my current CJ GAT, my instincts are that both are
excellent preamps for the money and both share the purity of tonality for
which CJ is known...both avoid a period in CJs history when they really
pushed the lower noise floor, clarity detail thing (the ACT 2...which I owned,
and Premier 350 generation of CJ equipment)...but which also brought a
change in voice/character which not everyone loved...some said linear but
others said sterile.

Fortunately, today there are many observations from owners and reviewers
that the latest CJ like the ET5 combine the voicing that has made CJ
famous and beloved from days gone by...but now with the clarity, detail,
dynamics, lower noise floor that came from that ACT2 generation of
components. In other words, the best of both worlds now! Hope that is
somewhat helpful.
Thanks and clear that ET5 is the way to go then. Cheers!
Good luck and its a great piece!!! Pls post when you get it!
I own the Pr16S2 paired with Pr12xs (triode version w/EL34's). BTW, also have Merlin Masters and Clearaudio. I've never heard the ET5 but I can assure you that the CJ electronics will sound wonderful with your Merlins. Please report back what you decide to do.
Thank you for the compliment Lloyd.
I upgraded from a 16ls series 1 to an ET5. Both are nice preamps but I prefer the ET5 the sound is a little cleaner.
Congrats Welcher. Also good to hear from someone who's actually done the comparison!