Premier 11a good 4 ohms?

I would like to know if there are any CJ owners out there that are currently running their Premier 11A at 4 ohms. My speakers have a nonimal impedance of 4 ohms (power hungry Hales T8's) and I'm contemplating a switch. Thanks.
I may be wrong but I believe the 11a is set at 4 ohms from the factory. If your the original owner, there would be nothing to change.
You can call CJ directly and ask them about this, but the published power specs for all of the CJ amps are into 4 ohms, and you need to extrapolate the results for higher impededance loads. With this in mind, I'd have to assume that they'll work fabulously with 4 ohm speakers.
CJ told me to run the Premier 11-A as it was set up on both 8 ohm and/or 4 ohm speakers. They said it would not hurt a thing and would sound better. I don't remember the reasoning behind it but perhaps someone more knowledgeable than myself could explain.
The Premier 11-A is factory wired to output 4 ohms. They will make the internal changes to other impedences if the unit is returned to the factory. I have been driving the mids and highs of my Genesis V's (which are rated at 4 ohms) for some years now, with excellent results.