Preliminary DIY Grounding Box Result

I live in a big, downtown high rise building. Our grounding is crap. I just took a 12 awg sliver stranded wire and stripped both ends. One end went straight into the center of a 3 pound bag of magnetite, and the other stripped end was wrapped around a spare coax rca input (outside negative) on my DAC.

Result: Highly noticeable "analogue-ing" of the sound, along with more dramatically more pronounced soundstaging. Space between the instruments seems like it tripled. Smoother, detailed highs and warmer, dynamic vocals.

I have some quartz coming and will mix it in. Plus I’ll run to other components and report back. Just wanted to try this for a quick test.
How much was the magnetite and where does one buy it?
More Flat Earth Science! Only a true earth ground (copper rod driven into the soil outside) has ANY benefit! That is how lightning protection works (by shunting the HV charge to the path of least resistance). Next best is connecting grounds to a cold water pipe - as long as it is an all-metal pipe running to the main water source.
A pail of magnetite is not a ground! And a bucket of quartzite is equally useless! Use the cold water pipe if you want to experiment and don’t have access to the outside. And again it must be all-metal piping from basement water source!

Interesting. If you say it improves the sound quality keep at it. I own a SR grounding block, wonder what is inside it ?

@tomask6: You will fail your electrician license test!
SR grounding block (another fine product from the genius mind of T.D.) - as effective as a copper bracelet for relief of arthritis!
Lord save us from fuzzy-thinking subjectivists!
My guess is that the perceived benefit is the result of the wire + magnetite that is connected to the DAC’s circuit ground acting as an antenna, and introducing RF energy that it picks up onto the DAC’s circuit ground. Resulting in some combination of intermodulation effects, jitter effects, and/or low level high frequency noise effects which happen to be euphonic.

The fact that this is in a "downtown high rise building," which is no doubt replete with numerous sources of RF energy, would seem to add credence to that hypothesis.

Plus I’ll run to other components and report back.

Doing this with multiple components (connected to the same bag of magnetite) **might** result in ground loop issues, causing hum and/or low level high frequency buzz.


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Oh geez, here we go again! Audiophiles love 💕 noise and distortion. Yeah, right! The fact that roberjerman agrees with him makes it even funnier. 🤗
@geoffkait: Rumor has it that you have a working example of the Dean Drive? Inertia-less force is ready to be unveiled!
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I just hooked up the SR grounding block to 4 of my main components. I also added a Akiko rca tuning stick to the ground input to the SR.

There is a definite increase in image specificity. More grounded (pun intended). I don’t know why, but it is noticeable.

"Flat Earth science"!!! I love that description! 

+1 to the reputable thinking of Almarg. 
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