Preferences in the Spendor Se speaker series?

I have the following electronics: Aragon 4004 MkII amp, Conrad-Johnson PV-12 pre-amp, and the Jolida JD-100 CDP.
My room size is 15 x 22 feet. I'm mainly interested in the accuracy of music production and being able to listen to a wide range of music. I listen to old pop and rock music, as well as newer vocal and small group intrumental music of different types. I also like listening to classical symphonic music. I would greatly like to hear from those experienced with this line of speakers.
S6e or S8e. Spendor does two way designs better than three way. The S8 is a really wonderful speaker.

Good luck!
I currently own the Spendor S8e. I can't say enough about them. Great speakers. I suggest you get the Spendor S8e for your room size.
Recently a new owner of he S8e. I agree with the other posters it's basically a $3000 speaker that sounds like a $12,000 speaker. This speaker should meet your needs. They look like box speakers but sure don't sound like it. Very open and throws a huge deep 3-D soundstage which is finely layered. Can resolve ambient information from front to back and it's articulate. But most importantly it renders instruments and voices with a natural tone.

Good Luck!*>)
Hey Kw6,
What speakers did you have prior to the spendor S8e? Also what kind of tube amp are you running with the S8e?
I'm very happy with my S8e's in a similarly sized room. The S5e's that I tried first didn't quite cut it. I agree that the midrange and upper bass are phenominal. I didn't try the S6e's. I'm really amazed at how well these speakers do with rock, although I generally listen to jazz and classical.

My Cary V12r sounded very nice, but they really seem to like more power. I'm very pleased with the Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated amp that I'm currently using. I would expect that your system would work well.
Hi Dabarrie,

Prior to the S8e I was using the Maggie MG 12/QR as well as a pair of Spendor S3/5.

BTW I still own both.