Preferences for which Integrated Amp?

I am having a difficult time choosing between a Lavardin is Reference and a Ayre AX-7e. Can anyone shed some light on them? Also any other suggestions in that price range. Also think about possible dip into separates with First Watt J2 or F3 and a preamp (passive?).

I have both high and low efficiency speakers.

"Also think about possible dip into separates with First Watt J2 or F3 and a preamp (passive?)"

The Ayre is setup like that. That's why it sounds so good for the money.
I forgot to mention that the Ayre is clean enough to use on very efficient speakers. The only thing you need to be careful of is your source because of its passive ls. If you use it with a source like and CX-7 (or something similar), you will be OK.
You may want to consider the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 integrated amplifier as well. Optional phono card or dac boards available. I have the Continuum S2 paired with my Salk Soundscape 8's and they sound excellent together.

The Continuum S2 is ultra quiet, dynamic as hell but still possesses all the finesse one could want.

Good luck in your search.

Both are very fine kit competing a crowded arena of many, many alternative choices.

Until you actually listen and preferably test drive them yourself to see how it meshes with the rest of your system (with all of your other electronics particularly source, speakers and cables) all you are going to get here at best, are heavily biased personal value judgements pushing their own favourites with a nil to minimal chance of actually working well in your system.

I've got my personal fave myself (neither of the above) also but for these reasons I won't add to the confusion.
Thanks everyone for the responses!! Sorry for the late reply, Audiogon was not showing the this thread that I initiated.

I am leaning towards the Ayre, because of the passive, rep., build quality, and its serviceable by Ayre in the U.S.

I just traded a phono preamp for a First Watt F3 so I'll see how it goes, but might still get the Ayre.