Predominantly Piano Music for New Family Member...

Just became a great-grandparent and looking for predominantly piano instrumentals with a “Classicy” air about them that you’d imagine would make an infant smile to hear and that have good SQ at low to low/moderate volume.  This will help me compile a Tidal playlist of which I’ve only two entries thus far - “Lullaby” by Alicia Zizzo and Beethoven: Piano Trio No.1 in E Flat Major, Op. 1, No. 1, - I Allegro (Beethoven Trios, Daniel Barenboim/2020)
This will be a learning experience for this jazz/popular inclined grandpa as well as for the little one!
Thanks in advance...
Debussy -- Clair de Lune. Reflets dans l'eau. Deux Arabesques 1 & 2.  Gentle, beautiful, accessible.
Piano is one of the hardest instruments to reproduce accurately.

There’s a IcePower 1200AS2 class D amp in AGon ads that would be a great foundation

Lovely sentiment and congratulations. Sorry you have gotten few serious responses. Mozart’s solo piano works should definitely be on your list. Just about any of them; but, earlier ones, composed when he was himself a child may resonate especially. You may find this of help:

And for both the little one and a Jazz inclined grandpa, Chick Corea’s “Children’s Songs” are lovely pieces with much more depth than meets the ear at first:

And, of course: