Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Vinyl Records

FYI, I have previously posted a bit of information on cleaning, and I have now complied that and much more into a paper titled “Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Vinyl Records”. Bill Hart of The Vinyl Press who has a keen interest in cleaning vinyl records is hosting the paper. He has written an article on the paper that captures it better than I could, and a link to the article that has the free-download load option for the paper (85 pages) is here: . If you have not been to his site, check-it out, there is a lot of good info, and its well written. While at his site, check out the about-tab and then scroll down and click on System-Notes-Austin-2017. He has a pretty impressive system and near the end shows quite a ‘cleaning station’; using both a Keith Monks vacuum-RCM and KL Audio UCM.

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I use a Keith Monks RCM with the KM special fluid.

Wondering if it would also be good to apply the Walker enzyme treatment?

Seems like a lot of work but I think that BetterRecords uses the KM and then the Walker.

I’ve now compared the L’Art du Son - Record Cleaning Fluid to the KM discOvery fluid and find, by a small degree, the discOvery is the better sounding fluid. A bit blacker sounding. Plus the L’Art du Son has to be mixed and stored in the refrigerator. Cost wise the KM is probably a tad more expensive.



Enzymes are biological catalysts that are generally some kind of protein. There is the “lock & key” analogy associated with enzymes and cleaning. The particular enzyme must be the right key to unlock (dissolving) the particular soil. There are four (4) basic enzymes used and how each works can be contaminant, time, concentration and surface dependent, and they have to be rinsed.

For further details read the book PACVR 3rd Ed Section VIII.9.  Otherwise, if you read Chapter XII you may see some cleaning agent options for vacuum RCM.

Thanks for sharing this information.  I personally have an ultrasonic cleaner (standard, inexpensive VEVOR model), and that works very well for 90% of my LP's.  There are a few (interestingly some sealed, mint LP's) that despite U/S cleaning, and manual scrubbing with a MoFi brush and cleaning solution, there are still crackles, but no pops.  For these I'm considering just sending them off the Perfect Vinyl Forever for an Archival 4.0 cleaning.  Has anyone had experience with this? 


Just as a PS to this thread... I've now purchased a 1 litre bottle of BASF Dehypon LS54. I don't expect to ever consume this bottle in my lifetime, since it will produce 2,500 litres at the recommended dilution. Given it's quite expensive, if anyone in the UK would like to send me an empty bottle of 50 or 100ml, I am happy to return it to you filled for the cost of postage.