Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Vinyl Records

FYI, I have previously posted a bit of information on cleaning, and I have now complied that and much more into a paper titled “Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Vinyl Records”. Bill Hart of The Vinyl Press who has a keen interest in cleaning vinyl records is hosting the paper. He has written an article on the paper that captures it better than I could, and a link to the article that has the free-download load option for the paper (85 pages) is here: . If you have not been to his site, check-it out, there is a lot of good info, and its well written. While at his site, check out the about-tab and then scroll down and click on System-Notes-Austin-2017. He has a pretty impressive system and near the end shows quite a ‘cleaning station’; using both a Keith Monks vacuum-RCM and KL Audio UCM.

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@robjordan I adopted some of the ideas on offer and added a few of my own methods.

I purchased a Multi Pack of Baby Scalp Cleaners in different colours, so that each cleaning stage has its own Coloured Brush and rinsing dish, this was an added measure to avoid cross contamination.

I Purchased a Collapsible Bamboo Bread Cutting Rack very cheaply for storing the LP's during the Pre Clean Period and for the air drying period.

I developed a method where I was organised and able to complete 10 LP's in approximately 1 Hour, or 6 Minutes a LP. I reserve this for dark wintery weather periods, it works wonders to overcome SAD, for a Vinyl Head, the bit of elbow grease required and good intention for valued items, are uplifting to the spirits 😎.

I also transfer the LP's to a Anti Static Sleeve when drying is complete, it seems to make more sense, than reinstating them in the Original Paper Sleeve.

I had intended on using a US Tank prior to adopting the manual cleaning methods but today, after being very very impressed with the end results from a manual cleaning am not sensing there is any need to consider this method, there is a new SQ on offer, that includes the sound of clean.  

The link has earlier forum discussion on this subject on Page 2, it might be useful to read.

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Neil, I'll add my thanks for this extraordinarily detailed effort.  Plus the fact that you and Bill are willing to offer it without charge. +++++

One suggestion if I might.  I only skimmed the document to see the content.  It would be helpful if each chapter had a link tab so it could be accessed directly.  That would would save considerable scrolling when referencing back and forth between various sections. 


There is a left hand drop-down Table of Contents and clicking (touching if you have a touch screen) on any Chapter will link you to the applicable Chapter.  Otherwise the document is extensively cross-linked so if you click on any  referenced Chapter, Figure, paragraph or Table it will take you to the referenced item.  


Neil, thanks for the prompt reply.  However I don't see a left hand drop-down for the Table of Contents.  I use Safari on my iMac.  Left or right clicking does not bring it up.  Anyone else have this problem?



Open the document with Adobe PDF Reader.  You should have an option to open the document (right click OPEN with) with the web browser or open with Adobe PDF Reader.  There should be a free app Adobe PDF Reader for MACs.