Precise pivot to spindle distance

Does any know a protractor on the market with better resolution than Feickerts. I have a Breuer 8C which demands exactly 231.44 mm according to instructions.
Believe 1mm on Feickert, correct me if I´m wrong.
How much impact on sound I don´t know. Maybe I´m getting paranoid but really want to be certain about wright distance (or not).
Just interested in the P2S distance.

Many Thanks!
i also use the 8C and used a feikhert to set it up. i can get close to the 231.44, but not exactly using the feikhert, which reads in 1mm increments. i don't think that getting the pivot to spindle distance set to the second decimal place is required (or practically possible based on the fact that you have to eyeball the pivot centre on the arm anyway). then on top of that, you have to set the cartridge offset to the either baerwald or loefgrin scale, which again would overshadow any discrepancy in the p2s distance. the feikhert is easy to use and is very practical if you have more than 1 arm to set up (as i have). other protractors are dedicated to certain arms and may or may not be more accurate, but certainly not as flexible.
I'm not sure if this will help but you can go here:

and download Conrad Hoffman's excellent arc protractor generator. It will allow you to generate a custom protractor for your arm with that exact P to S distance among other things. Your choice of Lofgren A or B or Stevenson.

Worth a try as it will cost you nothing.

It's all I use anymore. Very effective and incredibly easy to align a cartridge using this arc protractor.
Thanks for your response.
Hdm,thanks for your tip but I just want to know about P2S distance not how to calculate arc for cartridge.
I already use Mint Protractor for my combo, but still I would like to measure distance. The sound is fine but the cartridge front is not parallell with headshell to get sweet spot.
Now here is where my paranoia makes me puzzled.
If any has had similar experience I´d be glad to know.
BTW cartridge used is AirTight PC-1.

Many Thanks!
Hi Corby, forgot to mention what a nice sytem/-s You have.
Never listened to Microseiki but heard a lot about.
I live in sweden where market is limited compared to US.

Merry Christmas to all!
Clabe: Depending on the alignment protocol the cartridge may not end up being square in the headshell. For example, I use a tonearm designed for Stevenson alignment but use Lofgren A. If I used Stevenson, the cartridge would square up in the headshell (but it would sit significantly further back in the headshell which would be problematic for me plus there are advantages to Lofgren A). Using Lofgren A the cartridge is angled in toward the spindle fairly significantly.

Use the Mint, align the cantilever and don't worry too much about the angle of the cartridge in the headshell. The Breuer is probably designed with one alignment protocol in mind and you are probably aligning with another, which is not a problem.

You could use the Hoffman Arc Protractors to print of multiple protractors though to confirm that one of the three methods (Stevenson, Lofgren A or Lofgren B) would give you a cartridge squared up in the headshell.
Your (anyone's) printer is not accurate enough for printing a protractor. Get the Mint, and follow the directions closely. I know its not easy, and is tiresome, but just do it.
Quoted from the Vinyl Engine thread on the Hoffman downloadable protractor:

"For what it is worth:

I recently purchased a new turntable and the distributor aligned the cartridge (on a Michell TecnoArm - a highly modified Rega RB250) with the effective and very expensive Dr Fieckert device.

I printed off your new Stevenson 222mm protractor, and find that the cartridge is perfectly aligned with this. So I can be quite confident checking with your protractor at a saving of some $300.

Incidently, printing on mylar film for OHP transparencies is much superior to printing on paper."

Not a comparison with the Mint, but with the Feickert. I'm sure there are some comparisons/confirmations with the Mint as well. Accuracy can be confirmed following the printing. It is very accurate with any decent laser printer. And not particularly difficult or tiresome I might add. It's the easiest protractor that I've ever used.
thank you for your comments on my system(s). i bought the rx1500 new in the box in the mid '80s. it's been taken to a new level with the 8C.
my benz ebony does not seat perfectly parallel with the front of the headshell. i also have a benz H20 on a breuer 5C and it also sits a tiny bit skewed. they both are perfectly aligned according to the feikhert. i may print off the template from the link listed by HDM above, just for comparison.
Thanks all for your valuable support.
Hdm, you seem to have a broad experience from different protractors and good advice. So using Mint Protractor will automatically compensate. I´m glad to hear this and also that cartridge front doesn´t neccessary have to be parallell with headshell. My paranoia´s gone away and I saved $250. Think I´ll by a good bottle of Champagne instead.

Happy New Year!
Yes, Clabe. I'm sure you're fine as the Mint has an excellent reputation and is supposed to be an outstanding protractor. I was not really clear on your question initially and did not realize you had the Mint protractor, but now that I know your concerns, one thing that you could do to alleviate any fears you have:

If you know the alignment protocol that Yip has used on your Mint protractor (Stevenson, Baerwald (Lofgren A on Conrad's software) or Lofgren B) you could then essentially generate a protractor using Conrad Hoffman's generator with the same data (inner radius, null points, P to S, overhang etc.) and confirm your alignment. Chances are that is what will happen (although the Mint does have a reputation for being extremely precise) and you'll have even more peace of mind when you're enjoying that champagne!!!!
Hello HDM,

With the MintLP not only you have the best template possible but you also can discover the perfect distance between platter spindle and tonearm pivot - perfect center.
For example I discovered only few turntables fitted for Rega Arms are really perfectly drilled.
Well , I have the Michell Tecnoarm .. Hdm just a fantastic arm if you have a MintLP
Fortunately since I own a TW Acoustic Raven One I had to rotate the arm base to search the super-perfect-distance just to have the stylus in the middle of the thin hair from the beginning to the end of the arc , close to the spindle.
Whatta difference from a pre-drilled turntable!!
It's really almost impossible to drill the Rega hole with the perfection of 1/10° millimeter!!!
And I had to rotate the arm base just about that 1/10 to reach the perfection... but when I listened the first time it was astonishing compared to the normal pivot-spindle suggested 222mm.!
In fact with this suggested Rega distance you can't have the stylus just in the middle of the thin MintLP hair for the whole arc .. easily in the center arc you have the stylus on the border (edge)
And all this is thank to the MintLP and its perfection!

Thanks Saint Yip .. Analogue protector! :-)

My cent!