Preamps with two pairs of balanced outs?

I am looking for a preamp with two pairs of balanced outs to feed a couple of power amps, without using Y connectors. I know the PS Audio GCP, and the BAT VK40 also has double pairs of balanced outs, but what others are there?
The PS Audio PCA-2 also which I (and everyone else who heard them both in my system) think sounds much better than the Calypso.
Whichever one you go with I highly recommend that you do the math inasmuch as you will be running two loads in parallel. If both pairs of amps have the same input impedance you probably will be OK but if they have different input impedance I would verify with the maker of the preamp if realistically it can be done without compromise. Many of the recommendations given are tube preamps, all of which are excellent but many with limitations. I use an ARC Ref 3 and recently added a pair of JL Audio Gotham subs which I run in parallel out of my Ref 3 in conjunction with my Lamm Ml 2.1's. In order that my tube amps not crap out I inserted a Musical Fidelity Tube Buffer with its own separate power supply between the Ref3 and the Gothams. If you are interested here is the link to what I did and why
Thanks all -- seems this is a more common feature than I had gleaned from my own searching. A'gon delivers!

BAT REX and BAT 52 SE have two sets of balanced outputs.

Promitheus Audio Reference C-core TVC can be ordered with two sets of balanced outputs.
Atma-Sphere preamps can be fitted with a second pair of balanced outputs as a factory-installed option. I've had it done a couple of times.

Hey Sanchez, Can't find our other conversations per Promithius c-core. Mine are now burnt in and sounding just as you said they did. Did little moding by replacing the screws and nuts mounting the c-cores with brass screws and nuts and leaving the tops off. Emailed Nicholas to send me another selector switch . One of the switches is not functioning correctly. THANKS Kenny
Hello Kenny,

You can check the threads I've responded to and see if your name is listed.

I'm very glad that the C-core TVC is working well in your system. Thanks for sharing the mods with us. I may try that myself when I get a chance.