Preamps with separate L/R volume controls

Does anyone know of quality preamps, other than Audible Illusions, that have separate Left / Right volume controls?
My Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe does.
My Cary SLP98P has left and right input level controls and a master listening level control.  Perhaps most preamps have this.  
Yeah, the Sachs Model 2 will get u done...

I believe the Atmasphere MP-3 also offers this feature.  Both outstanding preamps!  They don't have physically separate L/R volume controls, but they have separate gain stages for both channels and a master volume control.  Ignore either at your peril. 
There’s a British one....GAH! I forget the name. Black chassis, tubed line stage. Not Ayre.... I can’t remember. I’m fired
The Questyle "Golden Reference System" dual mono setup has separate volume controls for each channel.

Some of the Parasound Halo amps have gain knobs for each channel, as do the pro versions of Bryston amps.
@yogiboy that’s it. 
Morrison Elad, no longer in production but sometimes available and very good.
MFA Magus (three versions). In addition to the left and right controls, it has a main volume dial. Mine works fine but they are impossible to find.
Just out of curiosity, how's separate volume controls different from a balance control, functionally speaking?
@kalali no functional difference, but typically some implementation difference.
Just trying to understand why limit the options if a balance control serves the same purpose. 
Aesthetix ? Not sure, though.
Dual volume control is an idea that I really like. It is technically a much more purist approach than balance control, I understand.
My Aesthetix Calypso Signature (listed on US Audiomart) has balance control.
Cary SLP 05. But I prefer to use the balance function on my PS Audio DirectStream DAC.
+1 Croft Acoustics.  I can't imagine a preamp without them! 
Just trying to understand why limit the options if a balance control serves the same purpose.
Having Gain Trim controls allows you to not only set the balance but also the overall gain of the line section. An example might be if you have a digital source which typically has an output that is quite high (too high IMO, but that's a different matter).

With a balance control, you're pretty well stuck with the gain of the line stage which might mean that your Master volume control is most of the way down. This can make it difficult to use. With independent gain trim controls, you can set the overall gain structure and use the Master volume control as you see fit.
My old Pass Aleph P had separate left-right volume controls.  Very good preamp.
As does the Quicksilver Full Function preamp. A very fine pre.
My Pass XP10 has separate control via the remote so their other models probably do too.
In most linestage/preamps with a balance control, the signal for each channel is going through two attenuators, one being the balance control and the other being the volume control which has two separate potentiometers to attenuate each channel.  Having two separate volume controls eliminates one set of attenuators, but, it adds to difficulty in changing volume while maintaining proper channel balance.  It is particularly hard to do remote control of volume this way.

In linestages that have relay switched resistors, the signal from each channel can be independently stepped up and down so that both volume change and channel balance will be achieved through the same stepped attenuator, thereby minimizing signal degradation.  This also allows for easy remote control of both volume and balance. 

To me, remote control of volume is an absolute must have feature.  It is very hard to set the ideal volume level if you have to go back and forth between your chair and the equipment to listen to the result.  It might be good exercise, but it makes for less than ideal listening.
Interesting no-one has mentioned YBA. Almost all YBA preamps have separate L/R volume controls. I had one a while back. 
There was a legendary, 4 chasis Conrad Johnson unit. It was really two mono pres and separate power supplies. 

Can't remember the model number today. 
I used a YBA linestage many years ago that had a troublesome remote control.  I can't recall exactly what was the problem, but, I believe it had to do with the left and right channel becoming out of sync so that one had to constantly reset the thing so that both channels would track properly when changing volume.  Otherwise, the YBA gear was quite nice.
Agree with Ralph above. Preamps having independent channel volume pots either employ a set of two channel trim pots with a master gain volume pot or use two separate channel master volume pots. 
Correction. I was thinking of the Conrad Johnson Premiere 7A, which "only" had 3 chasis:
L, R and one for power.