Preamps with large display needed for bad eyesight

I am trying to narrow down my choices in excellently rated preamps that also have large LED displays. I already know about the Bel Canto and Rowlands. Am I missing any others I should consider in the less than $3000 range used or new?
I have bad eyesight and can only read large volume level displays from across the room. What others am I missing?
Thanks for any help.
SimAudio gear has larger displays, their P3 is excellent and the P5 might be within your budget as well
Bat has the 3ix for S3500 with Remote.

Wonderful sound and terrific build quality.
Balanced Audio has good sized displays, and they are world class preamps!
McIntosh - any current model
The Sim are the biggest I've ever seen and, as commmented already, they sound outstanding. yes I sell them but not looking for a sale, just being helpful.
Funny that. I saw the title of this thread and thought "Simaudio!!!" immediately. But a few people have already suggested that!

Would you consider a preamp with a large volume control knob which has an LED on it? I can tell at a glance how much volume I have dialled just by looking at the position of my volume control. Much easier than looking at a LED.
As I get older the writing gets smaller on everything.(it seems) Not that my eyesight is fading;at 70.(???)
Buy one of those round magnifiers, you can clamp it onto your stand. Why compromise on the pre of choice, my REF3 has pretty bold lettering but I always have it dimmed to off so I can't see it and I prefer it that way.

You could aways get one of the new remotes that learn and are touch screen, colour, there are all kinds out there and then you can control everything. They are easy to use, all you do is point and shoot the remote you want it to learn and put it into the category you wish.