Preamps with HT pass through

Is anyone aware of any tube or SS preams with SS passthrough?
I assume you're asking about an HT passthrough?

For solid state: Adcom, McCormack, Levinson, Proceed

For tubes: Conrad-Johnson, AR, Rogue, PSE, VAC, BAT?, Sonic Frontiers

I know I'm missing a few, but I'm sure others will fill in the gaps. Hope this helps.

Yep, that's about right(refering to what the other guy listed) My LS16 AR preamp and Sonic Line 1 had this. However you can still put the left and right main out's of your pre/pro into an auxilary input on just about any pre amp on the market, and still get about the same effective results for HT purposes. Just simply click your preamp over to auxilary for HT, and keep the volume on the 2 channel preamp at about 12 o'clock, using the pre/pro's volume for fine usually
Good luck
The new EAD preamps also have analog pass-thru and are very flexible except for a lack of AV-switching.
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