Preamps with Dual XLR Outputs

I am looking for preamps with dual XLR outputs to drive 2 separate stereo amps which are connected to 2 different speakers sets. My understanding is the Mola Mola Makua w/DAC and streaming board that is ROON READY can do this. It costs $20K and is my leading contender for my next preamp + DAC + streamer. I am going to output the signal to a Benchmark AHB2 amp + KEF LS50 speakers for one path. The other path is Luxman m900u amp + Yamaha NS 5000 speakers. My understanding is that turning off one of the amps stops the preamp from using that signal path. Perfect. I have heard all the components except the Mola Mola Makua so I will likely do a home trial on that.

My question is what other brands have an analog preamp with dual XLR outputs to do what I describe above? The preamp does not need to support an internal DAC. I could go for an external DAC like a LUMIN X1 or Denafrips Terminator.

BTW - if the Mola Mola Makua or any other brand cannot support my use case (I have been told it can). I will buy 1 preamp, such as the Benchmark LA4 to go to the AHB2 + LS50 system and also buy a DAC, such as Lumin X1,  to go direct to the Luxman + Yamaha system. Both speakers will be in the same room.
The Rogue RP7 (I own one and love it) has dual XLR outputs.  I wish I had the luxury of having another power amp!  One will do for now.  : )