Preamps w/ built in Tuners

I am looking for a preamp/tuner combination but have not been able to find many models out there. Anyone know a who all make such a product?
I have an Odyssey Stratus Amp and Paradigm Studio 100 v2 speakers.
Linn Wakonda with Kudos tuner module. One of the best tuners out there, and the Wakonda is outstanding as well.
I haven't heard it...Revox has an "all in one"...
Adcom makes one, I believe Parasound does as well. I used to own the Adcom GTP 450, not a bad unit.
Good Luck.
The Hafler 945 is a good deal and the tuner is very good!
Hard to find but if you do, consider ~$400 a good asking price.
The Denon AVP-8000 is a very nice preamp/tuner. B & K also made some preamp/tuners a few years ago.
B&K, Rotel, Audiosource do also. Buy why? Do you have space issues? If not, you are better off with separates.
Add NAD to that list.Whereas the anount of current being drawn from both units would not lead to the sonic degredation that a intergrated amp or reciever has it still is using a single power supply and all things being equal should not be as good sounding as seperates.If the having a single remote is an issue I suggest going with seperates and getting an after market remote.I have been buying some JBL TC1000 units from the harmon sight on ebay.They ususaly close for $60-65 bucks.They are cumbersome an the feel for touch screen is not as pleasant as rubber buttons but you can hook the thing into your computer and design the screen with both pre and tuner on one page with a series of Macros for multiple steps.They retailed for $350 and are a great deal.If I had the shelf space I'd stick with seperates.Do a search for "tuners" here on 'Gon for suggestions.
Go for the vintage McIntosh.Starts with the MX-110 to the close to current MX-118
I looked for one of these and you will find that the most common are Adcom and B&K. I got a Hafler 945, which was very good as I didn't want something run-of-the-mill, and it has a good tuner section with remote control of all major functions. It cost me about $150 on ebay. They come up there every so often. Its a very good unit and includes A/V switching.