Preamps: VTL 5.5 against a CJ PV 10B

Finally made the switch from my beloved CJ Premier 11A to Jeff Rowland Model 6 Monos. This embarks my first journey into SS amplification:

My CJ PV 10B preamp seemed to be an excellent match for the amp of the same name brand. However, my JRDG Model 6s will accept a balanced input. In addition, I've always associated SS amplification with "detail". Thus I'm thinking a more "revealing" preamp might be in order. My preference is to keep a tube front end (tube preamp).

Back in the day, I recall the VTL 5.5 being a pretty decent performer. I'm thinking amps as nice as these Model 6s might need just a tad more than my current CJ can deliver. I once owned a 2.5 and was very pleased with it.

What say the masters? Think I would notice an improvement?