Preamps suitable for CJ ACT2 Series 2 preamp.

I have a CJ ACT2, Series 2 preamp with a CJ Premier 350SA poweramp.
I am genuinely very happy with the sound but want to hear what other poweramp options others may have used with my CJ preamp.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Vmhf,

that is a magical combination, so you may find yourself hard-pressed to improve it. Query what speakers you use...somepeople like to match the amp to the speaker. In your case, 350 is capable of working with many speakers.

But that might help. I used my ACT 2 series 1 with Gryphon Antileon (Pure Class A SS) and really enjoyed it. You could of course go tubed using CJs older LP140/275, or the newer ET250...or ART amps!!!
The 350 is a great amp that will drive a wide range of speakers. My tube owning friends love it; I am using it with an Audia SS line stage.
With my ACT 2.2, I have used a variety of amps. Pass XA.5's, Bedini 45/45, several SETs, push pull tube, even a Tripath based Red Wine Audio 30.2. All have worked fine.

The ACT's 500 ohm output impedance (average) is pretty low for a pure tube preamp so it should interface well with most amps.

Like Lloydelee mentioned, I view the amp/speaker as a whole. Some amps will "shake hands" with a speaker better than others. Your 350SA will be a lot happier driving far more brands of speakers than my SET would. So consider the speaker when/if you decide to change amps. Don't worry too much about the ACT 2.2 fitting in.
If you have an ACT2.2 - cj350 combo IMHO it is not easy to find a better amplifier for this preamplifier unless you want to go with cj tube amplifiers.

The choice of an amplifier always depends on the speakers, but unless you want to spend a lot of money or if there is an incompatibility between your current cj 350 and your speakers better spend the money in better cables or source :-) !
Agree with Lloydelee. That ACT2 S2 + 350 SS amp is my dream system! Play It Loud!
Thanks for your responses guys. Apologies for my delayed reply as well. Things are a little laid back down under in Australia!

I have two pairs of floorstanders. A pair of Acoustic Zen Crescendos which I have lived with for a number of years now and truly enjoy. They go well with the CJ combo so have nothing to complain about there.

Recently I wanted a different 'flavor' of sound so got myself a pair of YG Acoustic Carmel floorstanders. To put it simply the YG's do not seem to go well with my CJ combo. The music simply does not flow to my ears with the ACT2.2 needed to be turned right up to make the YGs begin to sing. Vol level 50 usually which is halfway.

I should of been a little more succinct in my original post I realized, so am looking for a power amp that could work well with the CJ ACT2.2 and my YG Carmel speakers.

Using a North Star Design CD transport and DAC combo, Jorma Origo speaker cables, JPS Labs Aluminata between CJ amps and Audioquest Sky from source to pre. Power cables predominantly JPS Labs Kaptivator.
Just realized a major booboo in my title!
Not sure if I can change it to give me back some credibility!!
Nice equipment...if your YGs are similar to the larger Anats which i have heard, i would suggest very powerful tubes? CJ tubes to start with? If the big boys are too much, you can get the older big boys and have CJ replace with teflon capacitors...'Downunder' here on AGon has done this to great success. Or you could monoblock a pair of older MV60SEs.
Yes, my CJ dealer suggested I try some tube monoblock power amps from CJ. But not certain if they would have enough grunt to power the YGs. One would think my CJ Premier 350SA would have more than enough ample power but apparently not. Other power amps on my list could be from the Boulder stable or YBA. Soulution and Vitus just a bit too rich for my blood. Although Boulder gear in Australia retails for incredible amounts of money as well...
Whats the impedance of the YGs?...not the stated impedance...but the actual impedance across the spectrum as reported in any reviews? For example the SF STrad was 4ohms nominal...but actually 2.7 through 2/3rd of the spectrum below 700hz or something.

CJ does not quite double down thru the impedance range...600Watts at 4ohms as i recall...but that is still reasonably powerful.

in any event, you may find the higher powered tubes have very high current and are able to really drive the YGs. In the end, SS Class A (Boulder, Vitus, Gryphon) are probably some of the most powerful amps that come to my mind. I am told Vitus is closer to Gryphon than Boulder in character. good luck and pls keep us posted if you hear the CJ tubes.
Increasing the volume of CJ Act2.2 to volume level 50 , is that too high when the max volume is 99 ?What is your room size ? I am using a CJ Act 2.2 with CJ 350 and I used to listen to it at around 48-50 volume level which I thought is normal. My room size 14.5 x 24.5 x 10.5 ft
The ACT 2.2's unity gain (where you are neither boosting or attenuating the signal) is 76. Anything under 76 and you are attenuating the signal. I'd say you are in the normal range.
AGree with Onemug. I've had ACT 2 for a long time...always play around 41 soft, 51 normal, 65-70 for movies only (lower soundtrack recording volume).
The YG's have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and min below 4 ohms at 4kHz whatever that means. I am truly a layman when it comes to technical stuff.

My room size is about 5m x 5m which is 16.5 ft x 16.5 ft.

My previous preamp was a Herron VTSP-3a which seemed to generate a sharper more 'raw' sound when used with the CJ Premier 350SA in conjunction with both YGs and Zens. I did not need to turn the Herron vol anywhere near as high as with the CJ ACT2.2.

I think I had concerns that having to turn the ACT2.2 up to vol no 50 or above constantly would put strain on either the preamp or poweramp and possibly reduce tube life in the preamp.
Hi vmhf,

Not depends on the gain of the Herron...might have been higher than the ACT 2.2 which i believe is 21.5 decibels.

In any event, 50 totally normal for me. The power amp should not be fussed by the preamp either...the power amp will be more fussed by the low impedance of the YG, and my guesss is that the 350SA is up for it without much problem. Good luck and enjoy! If you really want to know the truth...speak with Ed at CJ directly. He is super quick and very knowledge and friendly.
Thanks Lloyd.
You really have been especially helpful.
Will send Ed at CJ and email and see what he thinks.
I think I am looking for an excuse to try out some CJ tubes in the power amp anyway so see how it goes.
Good luck!
Hi Vmhf,

Any update on your search for possible replacement for your CJ 350SA?