PreAmps; Ref-3 vs. LS-26

Hey folks,

Our components are;
1-speakers: Peak Consult InCognito Grande,
2-poweramp: VTM-200 Power Amp,
3-preamp:LS-26 PreAmp.

I want to change my pre amp to Ref-3. I am concerned about the differcence between ref-3 and ls-26. If you have any idea I will be appreciated.
While the LS26 is an excellent preamp, the REF 3 is indeed a step or two up the ARC food chain.
I would have to agree. Normally, I can go either way with ARC preamps. But not with the REF. Its definately an excellent upgrade.
Absolutely agree. Go with the REF 3, it is an outstanding pre-amp.
Another possibility that's at roughly the same price point as the Ref 3 is the LS 27. Some have written that the LS 27 sounds as good as the Ref 5 (sans SE). I owned both the Ref 3 and Ref 5. Frankly, I thought the Ref 5 was NOT in another league as compared to the Ref 3. I later upgraded my Ref 5 to the SE version. I think it is an improvement.

Either way, Ref 3 or LS 27, it's a win-win.