Preamps paired with DNA 225 or other McCormacks

I have a Final Music 5 battery powered preamp, and I would like to hear from Audiogoners and their experiences partnering different types of preamps to the DNA series amplifiers. I assume that the impedance matching would be similar with older McCormacks and the newer 125, 225 etc...series from Virginia.

and if you have, which preamps brought out the magic or brought out the strangest sounds?

I have a DNA 225 sitting and was thinking about changing my set up temporarily pairing with the stated preamp.

Thanks for the input.
For value, the discontinued Audible Illusions L-1 Linestage. It has dual gain controls and the pre adds a slight warmth to the McCormack.

If I recall correctly, the Herron VTSP was a nice match that someone else has used. Finally, McCormack's own pre's would work well.

Good Luck,
I will second the L-1. I used it for a good while. At the used price, it is an absolute steal. Sonically, it is as described by Mattybumpkin. The gain set up is such that you can control volume ideally(something you couldn't do with the M3A.)
You can alter the sound somewhat with a little tube rolling.
You would have to have a drastic increase in price to beat this pre. McCormacks own preamps are neutral but to me, render the sound a little dry and in need of a touch of warmth.
As for impedance, they all have a 100k input which mates well with tubes.
If you can find one for sale used, the Audio Prism Mantissa has worked excellently for several of us McCormack owners. The trick is actually finding someone who wants to sell it. Then again, you could also look for it's pricier incarnation with the Red Rose badge on it.

In any case, try a tubed preamp with the McCormack's. Just find one that's as transparent as possible (not always an easy trick).

I've heard them work well with the AE L-1 and SF's Line-2 and Line-3.

McCormacks work well with passive preamps.
McCormack preamps to my knowlege are the most natural ones I've ever used and heard.
I am currently using a VTL TL5.5 pre that I bought used on Agon with my DNA 125. This combo sounds very good to me. The bass is well controlled and full. The mids are sweet like a good tube pre should sound and the highs are extended but not etched. The TL 5.5 has just enough of the classic tube sound to lend a little warmth and sweetnes to the McCormack. The volume control works well, I have had no problem getting the exact sound level I want. The soundstage extends past the speakers and is rather deep, extending behind the speakers a few feet.

The rest of my system is Vienna Acoustic Beethovens, and a Rega Planet. I use Audience cables. You can tell I lean more towards warm and musical over detailed and analytical.
Hope this helps.

I used one mccormack dna 1 dlx with bat vk5i ( with amperex 7308 + tungsol 5881 tube) very sweet and wounderful sound.
Has anyone tried preamps such as the Joule Electra 100MKII or MKIII? What about the First Sound Presence Deluxe II or higher?
I've used a First Sound Presence Deluxe II with a McCormack DNA-2 with excellent results.
I have successfully mated the Music Reference RM5 Mk IV on the McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe, as well as the VTL Ultimate (older true dual mono design by David) with the McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe. I have also heard the Audio Research LS-15 with the DNA-2 Deluxe. All of the above matchups did well, however with each of their own sonic strengths. I currently own the First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk. II and if that preamp is an option within your budget, I would strongly suggest looking into it.