Preamps or Integrated with HT Bypass Pls Recommend


I have a HT setup to which my mains are attached. I would like to drive those speakers with better electronics. I realize that I could hook an amp to the pre-out on the receiver but I would still have the receiver preamp in play. My goal is to have a dedicated two channel system within the HT system with the mains attached to better electronics and my sources: turntable, tuner and CD player wired as two channel. Looking for preamps or integrateds that have this feature. Budget: 2.5K for an intergrated, less for a preamp....but have some flex. What should I be looking at?
if you do a search under "ht/bypass" this should give you some good ideas/suggestions
Look at the Ayre K-5xe. I've recently installed one in my HT system (Integra DTC 9.8 processor), and the improvement is awesome. I've seen them used for around $2100 and new for $3500. Combined with a good used 5 channel amp, you'll be amazed at the improvement which can be accomplished for around $3500.
Definitely try Atoll PR300 preamp. Really great piece. Gorgeous sound and, also, hand-made in France.
Tmicha3941-Do you want to try tubes or solid state and do you need balanced as well?
Do not need balanced. Like the idea of a tubed piece
If you want to try tubes maybe audio research ls16 mkII or the modwright swl 9.0se's might interest you;these should be in your price range and are both highly reviewed;you might even be able to move up into the next level on the audio research pre's but I not sure which model that would be.