Preamps ... no bass or treble control?

I grew up on my father's integrated amps. Since then I have only used HT type amps.

I'm putting together a poor mans 2 channel system and I was looking at this Rogue Audio preamp to go with an Adcom amp. I noticed it did not have bass or treble controls. Is this normal? I guess audio enthusiasts just "accept" the bass, mid and treble of their recordings these days?

The simpler the path, the purer the signal thus less distortion in sound. Most high end pre-amps do not have controls. The sound is tweaked by room acoustics, speaker placement,cabling, as well as other high quality sources.
true fidelity is in essence staying true to the original music, thus adjusting certain frequency levels is the opposite of what pure hifi is going for. On a side note i would highly recommend the rouge gear but have had nothing but bad experiences with adcom, i think that better can be had for the same amount of money. How much are you looking to spend?
I never used bass and treble even when my componets had them, it just never seemed possible to jigger one sound without molesting the whole signature, I would say for sure that when you get into mid and hi fi that tone controls are not normal to see on equipment