Preamps: Bryston vs Classe

I am looking for a new preamp and am considering these brands but don't have dealers nearby so I can not do a comparison. If anyone has listened to both and can compare comparable models, I would appreciate all comments.
I cannot speak to the sonics of their preamps, but think it would be useful for those with experience with the two products, and companies, to opine about reliability issues as well as sonics. Bryston is know for great reliability and warranty policies, while I have heard some concerns about reliability with Classe. Perhaps Classe owners could address this issue.
I have had several good preamps (some older models, some newer): HK Citation 25, Luxman C-02, an Adcom GTP-555, Hafler 915, a Mission Cyrus PRE, a Bryston .5B, and a Classe CP-35. I used the HK, Lux, Adcom, and Hafler w/an Adcom power amp. I never got excited about the "sound" or lack thereof from these pre's. I finally upgraded my power amp and pre's eventually. I used a Counterpoint Solid 1 and a Linn AV5105 with the Bryston and the Classe. All of these pre's (possibly because of speakers and the amp) were a little on the bright, brittle side. The Classe was the most beautiful of the lot. It had top-notch build quality, thick aluminum faceplate, etc. and a simple remote. With the Counterpoint especially, I found it a great match-a little analog sounding, but w/no true sonic signature. I used these with some Platinum Audio Solos and an Audio Refinement Complete CD. I have heard nothing about reliability problems w/the Classe. This is an older model that is easily obtainable for under $500 on Audiogon or Ebay. I'm not sure about recent Classe models, but I assume build quality is still there.
For amps, Classe imparts an (?artificial) warmth which makes voices and strings more natural. It's a little rolled off at HF. The exterior design and quality is superior to Bryston. I never had reliability issues with Classe.

Bryston is more detailed and unforgiving. 20 yr Warranty is hugh plus. Great quality, rugged built, better value.

Having said that, IMHO Classe builts better pre-amp than bryston. With BP series pre-amp, there were many complaints of treble brightness.

I have a Bryston SST amp which has many great qualities. I try to make it my primary amp. However, there is that last trace of digitalis that I try to subdue with different interconnects with no success. I may eventually let it go b/c listener fatigue.

Don't generalize the "Classe sound".
The CAM and CAV series amps in general are a bit rolled off on the top, but their pres and pre pros (I have an SSP 75) are as clean and bright as the sun!
In the matter of fact the SSP75 driving my rig compared to a PMI model II is about the same in clearaty and definition.

For home use, I would go with Classe. For pro studio, I would go with Bryston.
Bryston makes rock solid components and are great pre and Amps. Classe is a tad more refined IMO , and offers full balanced circutry, which for me is a plus. Usually Classe 's reliability problems occur within the 1st 100 models produced, so If you go Classe , Get a model number over 100 or Call Classe, They are very forthwright in telling you at what production point a new product "got the bugs out".