Preamps/amps that look great and''feel' great ???

We all like good sound, but at the prices that high-end audio command, we should expect good looks too.

One of my all-time favorite is the Sonic Frontiers (now discontinued) line of preamps - Line 1, 2 and 3. Good build quality with precision-machined knobs and overall finish that looks, and feels great to the touch.

What are Your favorites in this department ?
Jeff Rowland stuff always looks great.
I think the BAT equipment looks fantastic. The VK-50SE has a nicely machined volume knob, but I never use it because the remote control is just a delight. I love the way you can ramp the volume down to zero at a touch of the button, and bring it back to the previous setting by tapping it again. Great when there's a knock on the door or the phone rings.

I actually prefer the look of the 50SE to the 51SE.

For looks, the Jadis line of equipment is beautiful audio jewelry, with sonics to match. As far as "feel" goes, I've always thought that the Herron line stage's volume control was the silkiest, smoothest one I'd ever used, with a close second to the Cello Audio Pallette.
The Musical Fidelity A3 series preamps are impressive in sonics as well as "look and feel". The volume knob is substantial and the source selection switches are effortless to use. Mine has the gold trim on the silver background which I think looks really cool.

The Linn Klimax Kontrol, Ayre and Rowland preamps are the nicest that I've had the opportunity to fondle.
Thsalmon: the truth emerges -- it's all about twiddling beautiful knobs. ;-)
My vote goes to the Symphonic Line (German) preamps & amps. Many of them are chrome finished & they look gorgeous - great eye candy for visiting audiophile friends! I have the RG4 mono blocks. These ss amps one of the few that have a soul in that they are tube-like in their overall presentation but they have incredible bass control unlike most tube amps. See my virtual system for a picture of these amps. IMHO. YMMV.
Air Tight makes elegant, solid-looking gear. Sounds good, too.