Anyone had any experience with Classe preamps, any input would be appreciated.
I have owned a #5 preamp, very quiet,smooth sounding and very natural. a little well with solid state amp.# 6 is a little better but cost more on the used market. I don't like the the newer preamps. I like the older style better.
Thanks for the response Thorman. I own a Classe CA 200 amp, my pre is currently a CJ PV10. I am either upgrading to the premier line of CJ or checking out some Classe stuff - I'm thinking a Classe has to be a synergistic match but I really like tubes in the preamp so we'll see.
I just bought a used DR-6. There are several versions relating to input options (bal vs. unbal); check first before you buy if that's important. I won't comment on the sound, since I haven't used it enough yet, but the first thing I noticed when I opened it was part orientation. In addition to generally good workmanship, all of the parts were installed so the part numbers face up, so you can see them. This is typical of well-trained assemblers (it's a mil requirement)that I thought speaks well about Classe's quality standards. As far as I can tell, the external power supply option just moves a small circuit board from a corner of the main board to a separate chassis, but it adds about 30-50% to the cost.
I also own a #5 MKII. I would agree with the aboves posting. And, it does go well with Classe' amps. I have used it with a 70 and currently use it with a CA101.