Preamplifier to replace Ayon CD-5S with GamuT D200i

Looking for advice regarding a preamplifier to pair with a Gamut D200i power amp and Salk SoundScape 8 speakers. I am currently using Ayon CD-5S as a preamp/CDplayer/DAC for streamer. The GamuT is fantastic and while I have generally been pleased with the tubed Ayon, the Philips CD-Pro transport recently sh** the bed and costs about $1,200 to replace. I am also not thrilled with dealing with Ayon here in the US. I mostly stream flac/dsd files now (no vinyl) so wondering I would be better off switching to a good preamp and standalone DAC. I have not heard the GamuT with any other preamps so interested experience of others. 
Understand completely about your note and doubt your POV is unique.  

I have no customers or direct experience with your amp but am curious what peoples thoughts are.  Interesting solution being able to adjust down the input gain.   
Some DACs have variable output (aka volume control).  Do you listen to more than one source?  You might be able to two birds/one stone, and use the saved money to up the quality on the (one) component you buy, to go with that very nice Gamut.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, since 90% of my listening now consists of streaming high res files I have considered going DAC direct to power amp. It seems like there have been mixed results going direct and many have indicated "improved" performance with a high quality preamp inserted. That said, direct would certainly simplify things and I am certainly open to  recommendations from folks who have had positive experiences. I realize there are also some DAC-preamp units out there but worry they would not live up to the Gamut's potential.

This is a hard one to call.

Would a 2k DAC + 2K preamp sound better than a 4K DAC with variable volume?