Preamplifier for the NAD C275BEE Power Amplifier

Looking for the musical and transparent solid state Preamplifier
for the NAD C275 Power Amplifier. I tried with the NAD C165 and Parasound P5
but the sound was one dimensional and no details. I have CD Player connected directly to the Amp.
The sound it excellent: details, high sound stage behind the speakers.
Problem is the volume since it's very difficult to adjust it (using variable input, 100 k Ohms).
Thank you in advance on suggestions. The budget is $2500.00, used or new.

Forgot to mention, I need the Preamplifier with the REC OUT.
One of the fellow audiogoner suggested wyred4sound STP-SE but it has
only variable outputs.
If the P5 wasn't doing it for you, what cables were you using?  That just sounds odd, by all accounts it gives great detail and imaging.

The C275BEE is mid fi, but has good performance for the money, maybe you'd be happy with their integrated C375BEE.

I was using Signal Cable and the sound coming directly from the source (CD Player) is 3 dimensional with the great sound stage and details which is not the case when using NAD C165 or Parasound P5.
Actually the sound is slightly better with the Parasound, but slightly.
I also tried the Cardas Cross Interconnects but it was pretty much the same, just more bass. Forgot to mention, I have Focal 807W speakers.

The NAD is a GREAT performer not just for the money. I can't go with the
Int. Amplifier due to the speaker sensitivity (92.5 db). I have had the NAD C356 and i couldn't move volume knob far more then 8 O'clock position.
Same was with the Bryston B60R and B135SST (great sound) so I don't
have choice either to go with the amp with the variable inputs or to change the speakers.

the original Rowland Capri is a great value
Why solid state? There are some real nice tube preamps within your budget!
Of course, but I just don't want to complicate mi life.
I've seen my friends going crazy swapping the tubes every other day.