preamp with two adjustable outputs??

Hi, I have a pair of snells which are bi amped. I'm interested in buying a preamp(high-end!) that has two outputs so I can feed the main speakers and the subs from the pre amp there by eliminating the need for a crossover. Suggestions? Joe
I dont know of any that have seperate output levels via 2 output jacks but you can just buy or make attenuators to choke a strong signal or buy amps with adjustable gain. But in all honesty a premium quality crossover or matched amps is always the best bet, I run 2 matched amps with outboard crossovers and at times ran unmatched amps but had gain on atleast one unit.
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If you can attenuate the signal at the sub (most do) you should be able to match them to the mains and then as long as both outputs are ganged together, you will be all set w any pre w dual outputs.
The "Supratek Cabernet Dual" does exactly what you're wanting. There is a excellent review on 6moons.

Btw, you might be able to pick one up second hand
My BAT VK51SE has two outputs....
The Dodd battery pre has two outputs.
Wow, Thanks much for the great response. My subs are not adjustable. They are the HUGE 1800's you see here for sale occasionally. The crossover frequency is 80 htz. Can any of these preamps be set for the desired frequency for both outputs? Joe
Hi, not on the BAT, it's just a second output...
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by not adjustable, do you mean frequency roll off or volume or both?
Mainly, frequency roll off.
A great preamp that can be had for little money is the Aloia 11.01 with Inductive power supply. They do show up and can be had for $900 - $1100.

Has what you are looking for.

If you are saying that there is no way to adjust the crossover frequency at the sub, then you are going to have a problem w/o an external crossover. There will be overlap unless the natural roll-off or low pass frequency of the sub mates with the natural roll-off of the mains. Its possible, but unlikely. Another option would be to use an HT/SSP that has bass management as a pre-amp, OR get a Velodyne SMS that will function as a parametric EQ and RTA to get the bass matched btwn the bottom of the mains and the top of the subs.
I didnt understand you wanted to run a sub and needed the filters.......sorry
Contact TacT Audio.
Custom pre can be design to meet your needs...... or look for 2.2X on used market. That unit also includes room correction feature which you may find very useful.
I have not come across a preamp with 2 ADJUSTABLE OUTPUTS. Cajunpepe mentions the Macs - do they really have INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE outputs? if so, then you're in luck :-)

MY Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 has 4 outputs: 2xXLRs + 2xRCAs but they cannot be individually adjusted; i only use the XLRs at the moment but for a time did a bi-amp using 2 identical Musical Fidelity XA-200s via the 2 RCA outs. i have not used different amps or same amps but different power outputs, otherwise, i'd use a good x-over for that.

MBL 6010D has output adjustments for left and right channels for each of 2 main
outputs enabling you to "balance" the gain for 2 amps in a bi-amp situation.
"MBL 6010D has output adjustments for left and right channels for each of 2 main outputs"

Well that certainly complies with the OP's request for a "high end" pre-amp!!!