Preamp with tone control.

Hello guys,
I need help to choose preamp. I'm building my system now and I will use Pro-Ject Xpression III turn table, Dynaco ST70 tube amp and B&WCM5 speakers. My question is, what kind preamp you can recommend for ST70 tube amp and, also I prefer to have tone control.
Found few preamps:
1. NAD C 165BEE ($899)
2. NAD 114 ($280)
May be some one can recommend better choice.
You might want to consider the T+A 1520 or 30 which has multiple inputs, tone controls and superb sound.
VAS Citation I will fill the bill, it also includes various RIAA curves so if you have vintage vinyl you will be all set..
I second Rrogs recommendation for the Dyna PAS 3x. Get it retubed, recapped, and cleaned. You should be satisfied with the results Happy Listening,