Preamp with theater passthrough. Option?

I am in need of a preamp that has a home theater passthrough? What are some good options without spending more than $4000. Are there any surround processors that may be a good alternative to having two seperate preamps? The two channel piece to my system is most important. I am currently using a Musical Fidelity A5 preamp and the surround is a Anthem AVM20. The Musical Fidelity needs top be taken out.
Blue Circle BC 21. You may be able to find a used one with the HT pass through. This would be way below you're $4000 budget. You could also get the latest(I don't remember the new model name) BC preamp w/ a HT passthrough option for a bit less than $4000.
Modwright makes wonderful sounding amps, are reasonably priced, have remote control and HT pass-through, and Dan Wright is always accessible by email and forum for questions. I highly recommend his products.
I use an Audio Research LS-25MKII with great results. The LS-25 has two amp outputs so I run a pair of Cary SE300s when I play LPs and a Mac 2205 when I play the HT.