Preamp with remote for Decware SE834C

I'm ordering the Decware this week to go with my Zu Omen defs. I always wanted to try tubes and this amp looks like a great start. Since we live in a condo, hi volume is not important. We are moving to house next year and I will re-evaluate my preferences. If I turn into a tube guy, I can keep or bridge the Decware or sell and upgrade to the larger Zen Tori. If I prefer SS, the Decware's hold resale value well or I could keep for a second system. With that said, I must have a remote with a preamp. The DAC-IT has a remote but no volume control. I listen to 90% of music thru Apple TV, 10% scads. Plus I want to hook cable box thru digital connection. So I'm thinking a DAC-IT thru a decent used Preamp. I'm not a technical engineer, so any suggestions on preamps with remotes that would match well with the Decware?
I have a nearly identical set up and a Dodd Buffer with remote or a Dodd preamp with remote would be a great match.